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Pontiac Streamliner Six


Produced: 1946-1948 (Unknown)
Types: Station Wagon,8 seats
The 1946 Pontiac cars were identical to the 1942 models.  These were good but not too expensive cars that were nothing exceptional.  They had six or eight-cylinder in-line motors with side-valves.  Pontiacs could be spotted by the wide strip of chrome on the motor hood or bonnet and this remained a feature for a long time.  Pontiac had two ranges of cars until 1948.  The cheaper range was the Torpedo models with more expensive cars in the Streamliner range.  They were all available with six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines.  Pontiac only offered an 8 seater station wagon in Streamliner range in 1946. 
Source: Motorbase
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