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Article Gracious convertibles
Publication Classic Cars August 2011
Gracious convertibles - There's more to classic convertibles that haring around the countryside pretending you're at le mans, as these sublime Fifties drop-tops prove.  Discover which charms most.  Mercedes 190SL vs Porsche 356 vs Lancia Aurelia 850.
Article The rebel's cause
Publication Classic Cars September 2007
The rebel's cause - Throughout its history, the Porsche 356 has made its mark as a potent racer and a stylish road car, and attracted some pretty high-profile devotees.  This car's met more than a few of them. 
Article Porsche 356 vs Jaguar XK 120 Pulling In Different Directions.
Publication Classic Cars March 2006
Pulling In Different Directions - Jaguar's XK120, the state-of-the-art traditional supercar of its day , was challenged by the original thinking of Porsche's exotic little 356 coupe.  Are you a traditionalist or an original thinker?
Article The Porsche you've never heard of - Porsche 356 America Roadster
Publication Classic Cars February 2004
The Porsche you've never heard of. The Porsche 356 America Roadster was the forerunner to the legendary speedster and 550 Spyder.  Find out why this obscure rarity is too good to be forgotten
Article Classic Cars March 2002 pg 76
Publication Classic Cars March 2002
Porsche 356 Carrera 2 Cabriolet. Rare meat: we track down one of the few Porsche 356s to be built in exotic quad-cam form and savour it on Spanish mountain roads
Article Flatmates
Publication Practical Classics November 2001
Flatmates - For an engine that won't need a bonnet bulge why not opt for a low down flat formation? A laid back Danny Hopkins gets all horizontally opposed.  Panhard PL17 and 24CT, Porsche 356, Chevrolet Corvair, Ferrari 365 Berlinetta Boxer.
Article Classic Cars February 2001 pg 84
Publication Classic Cars February 2001
Jim Clark's 356 - Jim Clark was one of Britain's favourtie racing champions. We meet his favourite car.
Article Classic Cars January 2000 pg 102
Publication Classic Cars January 2000
Porsche 356 Roadster. Roadstar. A stunning example of the finest Porsche 356 of them all. But it's not a cosy Convertible, or a racy speedster: to the connoisseur, the sublime Roadster always take centre stage.
Article Buyer's Datafile - Porsche 356
Publication Practical Classics May 1997
Buyer's Datafile - Porsche 356.
Article Buying guide - Porsche 356
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2010
Buying guide - Porsche 356 - The car that established Porsche as a car maker is a tricky classic buy, but can be very rewarding, says Malcolm McKay.
Article Time traveller
Publication Octane March 2008
Time traveller- Porsche's 356  was way ahead of its time in many ways.  We drove what's reckoned to be the world's best of the early split-windscreen models to see what all the fuss was about.
Article On the road - Porsche 356
Publication MotorSport November 2007
On the road - Porsche 356- Its birth-of-a-marque status is widley recognised but its history and character are less well known.
Article California dreaming
Publication Classic & Sports Car August 2007
California dreaming - Everyone fancies themselves as James Dean in a Porsche Speedster, says Martin Port, yet you can enjoy open-top 356 motoring for much less money.
Article The forgotten Porsche
Publication Octane December 2006
The forgotten Porsche - This sublime streamliner pre-dated the original Porsche 356 by nine years.  Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche used it as personal transport to evaluate solutions for their subsequent sports car; its first private owner then kept it for almost five decades.  Now it has returned to the public eye.
Article Buyers guide - Porsche 356
Publication Classics Monthly November 2006
Buyers guide - Porsche 356
Article Road Test - Porsche 356
Publication Classic Car Weekly 7 April 2005
Road Test - Porsche 356 - Built 1950-65. Coupé or cabriolet, 2+2 rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive GT/sports car.  Flat-four, aircooled, 1582, ohv.
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