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Article Porsche 912 Vs Alpine-Renault A110 Vs Lotus Europa
Publication Classic Cars February 2006
Smart & small - You don't need a big thirsty engine for the ultimate in sports car thrills.  Here's the proof, in a trio that offers excitement like you won't find anywhere else. Alpine-Renault A110, Porsche 912, Lotus Europa Twin Cam.
Article Classic Cars February 2002 pg 86
Publication Classic Cars February 2002
Porsche 959. This was the supercar that all others had to beat in the late Eighties. Does it still deserve to sit on that pedestal?
Article Another 911? Think again
Publication Classics Monthly July 2010
Another 911? Think again - Once overlooked and undervalued, the Porsche 912 is ready to take centre stage.
Article The regeneration game
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2010
The regeneration game - Martin Buckley investigates why the Lancia Monte-Carlo and Porsche 912 were taken off the market, only to return a few years later.
Article Your Classics - Porsche 912 - Matthew Joynson
Publication Classic & Sports Car October 2004
Your Classics - Porsche 912 - Matthew Joynson - Finding dream 912 in Italy.
Article Three Sides to Every Tale - 1976 Porsche 914, 1976 Porsche 912E,1976 Porsche 924
Publication Classics January 2004
Three Sides to EveryTale - 1976 Porsche 914, 1976 Porsche 912E,1976 Porsche 924 - Three Porsches, all available in 1976, and all apparently very different. But Tim Morgan reveals that all is not quite as it seems, while Greg Whitaker drives the Teutonic trio.
Article Classic & Sports Car July 2001 pg 94
Publication Classic & Sports Car July 2001
Supercars for 15k - How 150mph is within reach for new Mini money - and sometimes a lot less.
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