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Article Classic Cars February 2002 pg 86
Publication Classic Cars February 2002
Porsche 959. This was the supercar that all others had to beat in the late Eighties. Does it still deserve to sit on that pedestal?
Article Clash of the Titans
Publication Octane July 2009
Clash of the Titans- They skittered and weaved their way round Le Mans at well over 200mph, scaring off some of the world's finest drivers in the process.  But now how do they compare in a full-on test? 1970 Ferrari 512S, 1969 Porsche 917
Article David Piper & the 917s
Publication Octane March 2006
David Piper & the 917s - Privateer David Piper raced a Porshe 917 when the car was brand new in 1969 - and 37 years later he's still racing it.
Article Endurance Pace - Porsche 917 & 908
Publication Octane July 2004
Endurance Pace - Porsche 917 & 908 - The Porsche 917 still reigns supreme when it comes to high speeds, clocking over 240mph at Le Mans.  But it wouldn’t have been possible without the less well-known Derek Bell tests them both for Octane.
Article Thunder and lightening
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2002
Thunder and lightening - Porsche's 917 ranks as one of the most unstoppable winners of all time.  Mick Walsh pulls on the skimpy sports-racer.
Article Classic & Sports Car July 2001 pg 94
Publication Classic & Sports Car July 2001
Supercars for £15k - How 150mph is within reach for new Mini money - and sometimes a lot less.
Article MotorSport June 2001 pg 52
Publication MotorSport June 2001
Sleep of Faith. Porsche's 917 is one of the greatest cars ever. But that's no reason, says Gary Watkins, to build a new one and race it at Le Mans a decade after the original had been pensioned off.
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