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Rambler (ii) Classic


Produced: 1965-1966
Rambler Classic

Rambler Classic/Marlin obviously targeted Chevrolet Chevelle/Malibu.  '65 Rambler Marlin was to make a fond goodbye to faded Rambler image; '66 is AMC Marlin.  AMC torque tube drive system may seem archaic but provides excellent traction, transferring power wind up from rear tyres very near to the car's centre of gravity, aka "reaction point", doing what highly touted ladder bars systems only dream to do.

The Rambler V8 is extremely durable engine with much ignored potential, having no reputation for a broken anything.  The AMC inline sixes are legendary models of dependability. 

The Rambler Classic/Marlin automatic transmissions; the BW M8/10 and M43, were used by Jaguar and Volvo thru 1977!  AMC used BW manual transmissions; the "Twin Stick" was a unique geared T 89 3 speed with overdrive unit providing a real time five speed.

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