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Rover 2300/2600(SD1)


Produced: 1977-1986
Types: Saloon,5 doors,5 seats
Rover 2600

Although initially only available in V8 format Rover quickly added smaller, six cylinder versions of its new SD1 model in 1977. Two six cylinder models were available, a 123bhp 2300 and a 136bhp 2600. Performance from both versions was excellent, over 110mph being available.

Both cars used the same bold, five door hatchback body as the V8 3500 version. Despite the practical hatchback body interior space was not exactly huge, particularly headroom. Unfortunately the reputation of Rover slumped during the strike ridden 1970's. Build quality sunk to a legendary all-time low and the 2.6 litre versions also gained a bad reputation for blowing head gaskets. These problems were eventually overcome and production of the SD1 lasted until the 800 series arrived in 1986.Practical Classics April 2008 - Featuring Buyers Guide Rover SD1 available.  Click here to view in our shop.

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2597ccS6 OHC81mm x 84mm0
2350ccS6 OHC81mm x 76mm0

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