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Produced: 2004-2004


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
105 mph14.6 s41 mpg75 bhp 1.4 16V S
119 mph10.9 s39 mpg105 bhp 1.6 16V S
124 mph10.3 s35 mpg125 bhp 1.8 20V SE
142 mph7.7 s33 mpg180 bhp 1.8 20V Cupra
150 mph6.9 s31 mpg225 bhp 1.8 20V T Cupra R
112 mph12.7 s54 mpg90 bhp 1.9 Tdi 90 S
120 mph10.7 s54 mpg110 bhp 1.9 Tdi 110 SE
127 mph9.8 s54 mpg130 bhp 1.9 Tdi 130 SE
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