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Skoda Tudor 1101


Produced: 1945-1952, 81140 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors
Skoda Tudor
The chassis of the 1101 consisted as pre-war of a central tube.  The front wheels had independent suspension and a 1,089 cc four-cylinder overhead valve engine produced 32 bhp at 3,800 rpm.  The 1101 had a 2,480 mm (97 1/2 in) wheelbase and was 4,050 mm (159 1/2 in) long overall.  With a top speed of 62 mph (100 kph) they were not fast but certainly very robust.  The Skoda 1101 was available in various forms.  The 4-door saloon had front doors that opened the wrong way.
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1089cc4 0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
0 mph0 s0 mpg32 bhp 3800


WheelbaseFront TrackRear TrackLengthWidthWeight (CWT)Turning Circle
8' 1"0' 0"0' 0"13' 3"0' 0" 0 (0)0' 0"
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