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Produced: 1921-1928
The car used a 1088cc 4-cylinder Alpha engine, with 3-speed gearbox and straight bevel final drive.  A 2-seater body was provided, but there seem to have been a number of detail variations in the cars' appearance.  On one, the radiator was set very far back in the frame, behind the front wheels.  For 1924 a larger engine of 1330cc, also an Alpha, was available, and the two models 8 and 11hp, were listed with prices up to 1928.  The later cars were very reasonably priced, at £125 and £135.  Some lists carried the marque up to 1932,although it is most unlikely that cars were made as late as that.  Chassis numbers indicate that no more than 25-30 were made each year, with a possible peak of 100 in 1923.
Source: Nick Georgano / Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile
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