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Studebaker Champion


Produced: 1946-1946, 19275 produced. (Pre-war version)
1946 Studebaker Skyway Champion Coupe - fvl

Studebaker made a great deal of money during World War II.  They produced 260,000 trucks, 64,000 aircraft engines and 15,000 Weasels (an amphibious troop carrier). 

Ford was able to restart supplying cars on 3 July 1945 but because Studebaker were required to continue making Weasels for the war against Japan, its customers had to wait.  There were 651 cars for the 1946 model year made in 1945.  These Skyway Champions had both two-door and four-door bodies and the same 2,785 cc six-cylinder side-valve engine fitted in the military Weasels.

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2785cc0 0mm x 0mm0
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