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Toyota Crown 2600

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Article Make mine a big one
Publication Practical Classics August 2002
Make mine a big one - When a luxury saloon stops depreciating it soon becomes a great value classic buy.  Kevin Leaper samples 13 different ways to splash your cash.
Article Classic Cars January 2002 pg 94
Publication Classic Cars January 2002
Ford Granada vs Opel Commodore and Toyota Crown Coupes. If you wanted to make a style statement in Seventies suburbia, these coupes did it biggest and best.
Article Crowning Cedric
Publication Classics Monthly November 2008
Crowning Cedric- And now for something completely different - they're reliable, for a start...
Article What's The Worst That Can Happen...When You Buy A Japanese Luxury classic?
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2005
What's the worst that can happen...when you buy a Japanese luxury classic? - A quarter of a century ago, if you wanted luxury you bought a Rover or a Jaguar,  You certainly didn't buy a Toyota.  Or rather, not many Brits did.  Paul Guinness tracks down a rare survivor to find out why.
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