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Article Beating the odds
Publication Practical Classics September 2013
Beating the odds - Clive Raven likes a challenge, but even he admits that completing his Triumph 1300 restoration a few days before setting out on a 13,000-mile tour was cutting it a bit fine.
Article Triumph 1300 FWD. Budget account
Publication Practical Classics February 2001
Triumph 1300 FWD. Budget account. You donít have to win the lottery to restore a rare classic car - this stunning Triumph 1300 cost just £2000 to rebuild. Mark Ashbridge tells David Lillywhite the tale of his first project.
Article Buying Power - Triumph 1300/1500 (Front-Wheel Drive)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 25 September 2008
Buying Power - Triumph 1300/1500 (Front-Wheel Drive)- Triumph went all Sixties technology trendy with its fron-wheeled drive 1300 and 1500 range...Until, that is the formation of British leyland saw them deemed too much competition for Austin and Morrises, and they were gradually converted to rear-wheel drive.  Confused? RICHARD GUNN tries to sort out what on earth was going on, and what to look for when buying one.
Article Six Of The Best Classic Triumphs
Publication Classic Car Mart Spring 2006
Six of the best Classic Triumphs - Triumph 1300, Triumph Vitesse, Triumph Spitfire, Triumph Acclaim,Triumph 2000/2500 MkII, Triumph TR7.
Article Buyer's Guide - Triumph 1300/1500
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2001
Buyer's Guide - Triumph 1300/1500.
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