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Triumph Dolomite 1500/1500HL


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Article Ultimate Grudge match
Publication Practical Classics April 2009
Ultimate Grudge match - Sam Glover settles some long-running classic rivalries...with science.  1977 Triumph Dolomite v 1978 Ford Escort Ghia.  1954 Austin A30 v 1959 Morris Minor 1000, Jaguar 240 v Rover P5B.
Article Buyers Guide - Dolomite, Toledo and Sprint
Publication Practical Classics July 2002
Buyers Guide - Dolomite, Toledo and Sprint. It carried the Ajax tag in prototype form, but clean examples of Triumph's compact saloon range aren't always easy to find any more.
Article Classic Cars Spring 2002 pg 72
Publication Classic Cars Spring 2002
Triumph vs BMW. The people who were there debate whether Triumph's ability to build sporting executive saloons could have made the company what BMW is today.
Article How to buy a Triumph Dolomite
Publication Classics Monthly February 2010
How to buy a Triumph Dolomite - Willing engines, British quality and Italian styling flair make the little Triumph an ideal choice.
Article Buying Power - Triumph 1300/1500 (Front-Wheel Drive)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 25 September 2008
Buying Power - Triumph 1300/1500 (Front-Wheel Drive)- Triumph went all Sixties technology trendy with its fron-wheeled drive 1300 and 1500 range...Until, that is the formation of British leyland saw them deemed too much competition for Austin and Morrises, and they were gradually converted to rear-wheel drive.  Confused? RICHARD GUNN tries to sort out what on earth was going on, and what to look for when buying one.
Article Staff classics
Publication Classics Monthly February 2006
Staff classics - Spitfire 6, Saab 900 T16S, 1980 Dolomite 1500, 1974 Triumph 2000, 65 Bus, 66 Beetle, 1973 Rover 3500.
Article Modifying - Triumph Dolomite
Publication Classics Monthly December 2005
Dyno Dolomite - How powerful is your car really? Mark Robinson and two other Dolomite drivers put their motors on a rolling road, and the results were unexpected.
Article Staff Classics
Publication Classics Monthly November 2005
Staff Classics - Spitfire 6, Saab 99T, 1980 Dolomite 1500, 'Christine', Rover 200 & 3500, VW Golf GTI,
Article Hello (Again) Dolly! Triumph Dolomite 1500
Publication Classic Car Mart July 2005
Triumph Dolomite 1500  - Not all Triumph Dolomites were sprints.  But almost all Dolomites are entertaining and entirely practical classics.  Dave Bowers found a Honeysuckle 1500HL and went in search of its story...
Article Marque Five - Leyland Legends!
Publication Classic Car Mart January 2005
Marque Five - Leyland Legends! - The much-derided British Leyland set-up of the Seventies produced some controversial machines.  Paul Guinness profiles five of the most famous.
Article Buying Power - Triumph Dolomite
Publication Classic Car Weekly 15 September 2004
Buying Power - Triumph Dolomite - Converting Triumph’s small saloon range to rear-wheel-drive gave the Dolomite an extended lease of life.  RICHARD BARNETT looks at the often-forgotten ’rationalised’ Dolomite 1300,1500 and 1850 range.
Article Classics Spring 2002 pg 92
Publication Classics Spring 2002
Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Fast, luxurious and years ahead of its time, but how complex is a Triumph Dolomite Sprint in terms of DIY maintenance? Kim Henson investigates.
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