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Triumph Dove GTR4

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Article Classic Milestone - True Romance
Publication Practical Classics February 2011
Classic Milestone - True Romance - As the TR4 celebrates its 50th birthday Neil Campbell delves into the fascinating history of Triumph's roadsters.
Article Going one better
Publication Classic Cars August 2007
Going one better - Ever fancied building a car to your own ideal specification? These two Coupes are proof that if all the ingredients are there, you can stir up your own recipe for happiness.
Article Raining Champions
Publication Classic Cars May 2002
Raining Champions - Three affordable hard top sports cars for the British summer. Triumph TR4 Dove, Sunbeam Harrington and MGB GT. Do they make a practical alternative to their soft top kin?
Article Restoration Triumph GTR4 Dove
Publication Practical Classics August 2001
Restoration Triumph GTR4 Dove. Four plus two. Stored for 26 years, this Triumph Dove had seen a lot of rest. Recuperation came in the form of brave Andy Smith - Ben Field passes the smelling salts.
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