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Triumph Herald Courier


Produced: 1962-1964, 4600 produced.
Types: Van
1964 Triumph Courier Van Front Left View
Apparently only 4,600 Courier vans were built between 1962 and 1964, making them quite a rare find nowadays. Genuine vans have an engine and commission number beginning with GA (as did the 1200 saloon), worth checking for to make sure you're not looking at a modified estate, with chassis numbers on the Courier beginning with 'V'. The van was launched in Feb 1962, based on the estate but with the plain grey trim that could be found in the basic 948 saloons, including less padded seats and the 948 S grille. Tyres were 5.60x13 crossplies, on wider 4.5in rims. The van model was discontinued in October 1964.
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