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Article Classic Milestone - True Romance
Publication Practical Classics February 2011
Classic Milestone - True Romance - As the TR4 celebrates its 50th birthday Neil Campbell delves into the fascinating history of Triumph's roadsters.
Article The Magnificent Eleven
Publication Practical Classics February 2011
The Magnificent Eleven - Its a never-been-done-before 11-Triumph road test.  Matt Jones samples TR heaven..,.or is it hell?
Article Success on Stage and Circuit
Publication Classic Cars July 2010
Success on Stage and Circuit - Rallied in 1956, raced in '57 hacked about for Modsport, then used as a road car, this sole surviving world TR3 is set for a return to glory at Le Mans Classic.
Article 1961 Triumph TR3A
Publication Practical Classics September 2008
1961 Triumph TR3A - Lawnmowers repair man Nigel Proctor tells PC about the basket-case Triumph he restored to say thank you to his wife for her patience with his classic car obsession.
Article Buying Guide - Triumph TR2-TR3A (1953-1961)
Publication Practical Classics May 2008
Buying Guide - Triumph TR2-TR3A.
Article Return of the Warrior - Triumph TR3A Rally Car
Publication Classic Cars January 2005
Return of the Warrior - Triumph TR3A Rally Car - Campaigned by a British Army team, this works-assisted TR3A won its class in the 1958 Liége-Rome-Liége rally and has just been restored from ’barn fresh’ condition.
Article Buyer's guide - Triumph TR2-3A
Publication Classic & Sports Car September 2011
Buyer's guide - Triumph TR2-3A - The original 'sidescreen' TR has all the hallmarks of a truly great classic, according to Malcolm McKay.
Article Restoration - Triumph TR3A - A-Okay
Publication Classics Monthly February 2011
Restoration - Triumph TR3A - A-Okay - This Triumph TR3A was bought as a present for its owner - but it didn't look quite like this at the time...
Article Buying Power - Triumph TR2/3
Publication Classic Car Weekly 20 September 2007
Buying Power - Triumph TR2/3- More traditionally British than a stiff upper lip and roast beef dinners, the Triumph TR series starts here.  IAN SEABROOK advises how to avoid a money pit on your route to TR ownership.  Expert advice comes from Andrew Mundy of Rimmer Brothers.
Article We're on top of the Weald!
Publication Classics Monthly May 2007
We're on top of the Weald! - Discovering hidden pockets of glorious countryside in a classic sportscar is the best way to travel.  Whatever the weather.  Triumph TR3A
Article The Magic Numbers
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2007
The Magic Numbers - From TR2 to TR8, the essential flavour of Triumph's sports car remained the same despite and ever-changing recipe.  James Elliott drives them all.
Article Race of Champions
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2005
Race of Champions - When Triumph conceived its rock-solid roadster, few anticipated such universal appeal and competition glory.  Malcolm McKay argues that, 50 years on, the sidescreen TR remains the most versatile classic.
Article Buying Power - Triumph TR2/3A
Publication Classic Car Weekly 17 February 2005
Buying Power - Triumph TR2/3A - Perennial Triumph favourites and pioneers of the TR range, the TR2 and 3 are great fun to drive, but potentially expensive to buy.  RICHARD GUNN looks at how not to spend any more than you have to.
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