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Article 1973 Triumph TR6
Publication Practical Classics November 2012
1973 Triumph TR6 - When you buy an old farm, what better use could you find for its outbuildings than to play host to your first classic car restoration?
Article The Magnificent Eleven
Publication Practical Classics February 2011
The Magnificent Eleven - Its a never-been-done-before 11-Triumph road test.  Matt Jones samples TR heaven..,.or is it hell?
Article All the fun of the five
Publication Classic Cars December 2008
All the fun of the five- Triumph's TR6 offers all the driving appeal of its TR5 brother at a bargain price - but for how long?
Article Test drive - Triumph TR4vs TR6
Publication Practical Classics August 2008
Test drive - Triumph TR4vs TR6- It's a battle of the Triumphs this issue, with a brace of roadsters to charm the pants off PC's fuzz Townshend and Neil Campbell.
Article 21 Hottest ragtops
Publication Classic Cars May 2007
21 Hottest ragtops - Summer's nearly here and you need a convertible to make the most of it.  Whether your top priority is style, speed or space for you and the kids, look no further.  We've got the best topless options for you in the next 21 pages.  Ferrari mondial, Austin-Healey 3000, Triumph TR6, MGF, Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider, Jaguar XK8, Ford Zephyr, TVR Griffith, Lancia Aurella B24 Spider/America, BMW Z1, Ponitac Bonneville, Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5. MGB, Mazda MX5, Ford Mustang, Morgan Plus 8, Honda S2000, Jaguar E-Type V12, Alfa Romeo Spider, Lotus 340R.
Article MGB & Triumph vs Alfa Giulia GT & TVR Grantura.
Publication Classic Cars May 2006
Some of us trust in the traditional some yearn to be different. We pit two stalwart British roadsters against a brilliantly individual TVR and sophisticated Italian. Which one would you choose?
Article 20 great classics do battle
Publication Classic Cars November 2005
20 great classics do battle - There's never been a showdown like this before.  20 of the most popular classics of all time go head to head at the Classic Cars test track.  How does your favourite fare?
Article Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR6 (1969-1976)
Publication Practical Classics August 2004
Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR6 - Roadster to remember - Triumph called in style-guru Karmann to shape the TR6 and created what many see as the last proper TR.
Article Your TR6 Awaits, Señor
Publication Classic Cars May 2004
Your TR6 Awaits, Señor - Enjoying the sunshine and scenery of Spain's famous white villages in a British roadster is within reach for us all.  Take an Andalusian experience in search of tapas. Triumph TR6
Article Success and Succession
Publication Classic Cars February 2003
Success and Succession - Triumph TR6 vs Ford Capri vs VW Golf GTI - Three distinct stages in the development of the sporting car: traditional roadster, performance coupe and hot hatch. Which would you have chosen?
Article Many happy returns
Publication Practical Classics January 2002
Many happy returns. William Davis thought he'd seen the last of his TR6 when it was stolen in 1985 - but it found its way back to him. Mark Dixon explains.
Article Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR5/6
Publication Practical Classics October 1997
Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR5/6 - Owning a six-cylinder TR can be a joyful experience, buy buying a bad one could become very distressing, warns Russ Smith.
Article Buyer's Guide Triumph TR6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 11 January 2012
Buyer's Guide Triumph TR6 - The car that the cliched term 'last of the hairy-chested British sports cars' was perhaps designed for, the TR6 has been a firm favourite for over 40 years.  MATT GEORGE looks into buying one.
Article Hired Help - Triumph TR6
Publication Classics Monthly December 2011
Hired Help - Triumph TR6 - Hiring a classic could save you time and money when buying, and give you a taste of your dream car.
Article Buyer's Checklist: Triumph TR6 1969-76
Publication Classic Car Mart July 2011
Buyer's Checklist: Triumph TR6 1969-76 - The meaty TR can be a minefield.  Here's what you need to know.
Article Bruising, British and brilliant
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2011
Bruising, British and brilliant - The UK invented and perfected hairy-chested sports cars.  Simon Charlesworth dons stringbacks to pick from a trio of greats from three eras: TVR Chimaera, TR7 and Healey 100.
Article Who need rarity when you're having this much fun?
Publication Classic & Sports Car September 2010
Who need rarity when you're having this much fun? - As prices for its predecessor go stratospheric, Graeme Hurst champions the Triumph TR6, which offers the same thrills for a fraction of the cost.
Article Drive Buy - Class War
Publication Classics Monthly September 2010
Drive Buy - Class War - If you want a stylish six-cylinder soft-top, MG put up a better showing against Triumph than you might expect.
Article The romance and the reality
Publication Octane August 2010
The romance and the reality - A warm summer evening, a two-seater soft-top and the open road: the great British sports car plays a pivotal role in many an idyllic motoring dream. But are these machines as much fun to own and run in real life? We look at seven of the most popular models to find out.  1930/38 Frazer Nash Chain Gang, 1957 AC Ace Bristol, 1968 MG C, 1969 Lotus Elan S4 SE, 1969 Triumph TR6, 1992 TVR 450SE, 1998 Lotus Elise SI.
Article Buyer's guide: Triumph TR4, 4A, 5&6 (1961-1976)
Publication Classic Car Mart June 2010
Buyer's guide: Triumph TR4, 4A, 5&6 (1961-1976) - Cheap to buy and easy to run, the later Triumph TRs make cracking classic transport.
Article Driving a Triumph TR6
Publication Classic Car & Van World November 2009
Driving a Triumph TR6 - We sample a fine American import example of Triumphs hairy chested roadster and find it can still generate a smile, even on today's roads.
Article Buying Power - Triumph TR5/6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 13 August 2009
Buying Power - Triumph TR5/6 - As the six-cylinder members of the Triumph sports car family, the traditionally-styled TR5 and restyled TR6 pack power and performance.  CHRIS HOPE takes a look at buying the last of the non-wedge TRs.
Article The last action hero
Publication Classic Car Mart Spring 2009
The last action hero- Is Triumph's TR6 really the last 'proper' British sports car? Keith Moody finds out.
Article Sixes & Sevens
Publication Classics Monthly August 2008
Sixes & Sevens- After 30 years of being the poor relation, we find out how the TR7 now stacks up against its illustrious older brother.
Article Twin test - MGB Roadster, Triumph TR6
Publication Classic Car Mart Spring 2008
Twin test - MGB Roadster, Triumph TR6- Simon Goldsworthy looks at a battle for supremacy in the automotive land that time forgot.
Article Buyers guide - Triumph TR6
Publication Classics Monthly August 2007
Buyers guide - Triumph TR6- The last of the traditional TR has no shortage of admirers, but buy with caution.
Article Buying Power - Triumph GT6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 19 July 2007
Buying Power - Triumph GT6 - Take a Spitfire, give it a sleek fastback body, lob a Vitesse six-cylinder engine up front and bingo! You have a very swift, gorgeous-sounding sports coupe that deserves more respect than it actually receives.  IAN SEABROOK takes a closer look at this British pocket-rocket with expert opinion from Richard Sharp at Rimmer Brothers and Gary Bates at TRGB.
Article Starter classic - Triumph TR6
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2007
Starter classic - Triumph TR6 - The last of the 'full-bodied' TR sports cars makes a great first classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
Article The Magic Numbers
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2007
The Magic Numbers - From TR2 to TR8, the essential flavour of Triumph's sports car remained the same despite and ever-changing recipe.  James Elliott drives them all.
Article Crazy horse - 1972 Triumph TR6 Roadster
Publication Classic Car Mart December 2006
Crazy horse - 1972 Triumph TR6 Roadster - The last of the 150bhp, fuel-injected Triumph two seaters could just be the best British sports car, says Steve Wilson.
Article Shootout - MGC Roadster and Triumph TR6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 30 March 2006
Shootout - MGC Roadster and Triumph TR6
Article Tricks with a 6
Publication Classics Monthly July 2005
Tricks with a 6 - One of the last traditional British sportscars, the Triumph TR6 was always a lively performer - but there are always individuals who want to make them faster.  Mike Renaut meets some of them.
Article Road Test - Triumph TR 6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 9 December 2004
Road Test - Triumph TR 6 - Built 1969-76, two-door, two-seater convertible. Front-engined, rear-wheel-drive.  Six-cylinder engine, 2498cc.
Article Classic Driver - Triumph TR6
Publication Octane September 2004
Classic Driver - Triumph TR6 - When the E-Type has broken down again and you can’t afford to service the Ferrari, get behind the wheel of a TR6.  It’s fast fun that won’t leave you furious.
Article Cover Feature - Best of British
Publication Classics August 2004
Cover Feature - Best of British - When it comes to Classic roadsters, Britain leads the way.  Carlin Gerbich drives five soft top two seaters that changed the world. Austin Healey 100, MGB Roadster, Triumph TR6, Reliant SS1, 1996 Lotus Elise.
Article Classics February 2003 pg 28
Publication Classics February 2003
I want your Six. At this time of year we need reminding why we are still beavering away in our garages. Peter Knivett drives a glorious TR6 and talks to those restoring them.
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