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Triumph TR7 V8


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Article Buyers Guide - Triumph TR7
Publication Practical Classics August 1999
Buyers Guide - Triumph TR7 - A highly usable British sports car for half the price of an MGB? Russ Smith looks for the catch.
Article Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR7
Publication Classic Car Weekly 2 March 2011
Buyer's Guide - Triumph TR7 - Never mind whether is was a "proper" TR. just enjoy the TR7 for what it is.  JAMES TAYLOR shows you how to avoid buying a clunker.
Article Twin test - Wonders of a wedge
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2010
Twin test - Wonders of a wedge - They're both wedge-shaped two-seaters launched in the Seventies - but that's where the similatities end.  Paul Guinness revisits Fiat's mid-engined X1-9 and Triumph's more conventional TR7 to see which makes the best buy today.
Article In the spotlight - Triumph TR7
Publication Classics Monthly September 2010
In the spotlight - Triumph TR7 - Controversial when launched, the TR7 has matured into a desirable and quirky budget classic.
Article Buying power - Triumph TR7
Publication Classic Car Weekly 14 May 2009
Buying power - Triumph TR7 - Triumph's TR7 was a controversial walk on the wedge side compared to its traditional predecessors.  RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the biggest-selling but also one of the most trouble-prone - of all the TR models.
Article Sixes & Sevens
Publication Classics Monthly August 2008
Sixes & Sevens- After 30 years of being the poor relation, we find out how the TR7 now stacks up against its illustrious older brother.
Article Bullet proof
Publication Classic & Sports Car July 2006
Bullet proof - Leyland never made the most of Triumph's TR7, says Andrew Noakes, and it's the rare 16-valve and V8 versions that prove the potential of 'Project Bullet'.
Article Two Car Shootout
Publication Classic Car Mart January 2006
Two car shootout  - A convertible sports car from a dealer for under £3000? How much car can you expect for that kind of money? Simon Goldsworthy tackles the traders to find an answer.
Article Starter Classic - Triumph TR7
Publication Classic & Sports Car August 2005
Starter Classic - Triumph TR7 - The last of an illustrious line, the TR7 is shunned by some but has much to offer anyone looking for a first classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
Article Thinking of Buying... A Triumph TR7-V8?
Publication Classic Car Mart November 2004
Thinking of Buying...A Triumph TR7-V8? - Is this really a supercar on the cheap! Ted Purcell asks the question, and provides buying advice...
Article Your Classics - Tour de France - TR7
Publication Classics March 2004
Your Classics - Tour de France - TR7.  When Dave Puzey bought his TR7, he planned to tour France with a lot more power.  Almost fifteen years later, he did just that. Triumph TR7.
Article Classics February 2003 pg 28
Publication Classics February 2003
I want your Six. At this time of year we need reminding why we are still beavering away in our garages. Peter Knivett drives a glorious TR6 and talks to those restoring them.
Article Classic Car Mart September 2002 pg 28
Publication Classic Car Mart September 2002
Triumph. . . over Adversity. If ever a car suffered from poor press, it was Triumph's TR7. This makes them economical to buy today, and Mike Huber knows how to make them go faster, steer better and stop with some ferocity!
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