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Vale Special


Produced: 1932-1935, 100 produced.

This low-slung sports car was powered initially by an 832cc Triumph Super Seven engine in an underslung frame by Rubury Owen with a simple 2-seater body.  The hydraulic brakes and worm-drive rear axle also came from Triumph.  The low centre of gravity gave it ecellent cornering, but a top speed of barely 65mhp (105km/h) ruled it out of serious competitions, and its low ground clearance made it unsuitable for trials.  From 1933 a 1098cc Coventry-Climax engine was fitted, and there was a 4-seater version named the Tourette.  In 1934 the company said that it would install this engine or a 1476cc Coventry-Climax six in existing cars to improve their performance, and at least one car was re-engined with a 1242cc Meadows four.

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