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Vanden Plas A135 Princess 4-Litre


Produced: 1952-1968, 3344 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,6 seats
Limousine,4 doors,6 seats
Vanden Plas A135 Princess 4-Litre

The final version of the Austin powered Vanden Plas limousines appeared in 1957, the Princess 4 Litre. As before these impressive cars were built by Vanden Plas on separate Austin chassis, powered by the old D-Series 3993cc six cylinder engine. These large, almost truck-like engines developed 120bhp, however due to the cars enormous bulk and weight the cars top speed was around 75mph.

The Princess 4 Litre normally came as either a saloon or limousine, however some landaulette versions were also built. Due to the traditional and formal design these gigantic cars tended to be bought by either private hire companies or local councils (for carrying the local Mayor!). With the formation of British Motor Holdings a Daimler version was introduced to replace the ageing design, production of the Princess ended in 1968.


3995ccS6 OHV


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
89 mph19.5 s0 s13 mpg0 bhp 0

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