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Volvo 142/142S


Produced: 1967-1974, 412986 produced.
Types: Saloon,2 doors,4 seats
Volvo 142/142S

The 140 series had an entirely new body but retained the old 1,778 cc engine, replaced in 1968 with a 1,985 cc unit.  The 1,778 cc engine produced power of 75 bhp of 96 with twin carburettors and higher compression.  The larger engine 1,985 cc had power of either 82 or 105 bhp. 

The 140 and 160 series were built on the same chassis.  Only the striking nameplate "164" gave the game away.

Source: Motorbase


1778ccS4 OHVVolvo S4 OHV84mm x 80mm
1985ccS4 OHVVolvo S4 OHV89mm x 80mm

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