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Produced: 1956-1958, 12353 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats
Wolseley 15/50

In 1956 the 15/50 arrived to replace the under-powered 4/44 which had preceded it. The 4/44 had used a detuned MG "T" Series engine and likewise 15/50 used a detuned B-Series engine borrowed from the similar looking MG Magnette. Despite its single SU carburettor the 15/50 managed to provide reasonable performance suitable for its roll as a mid-range model.

The Wolseley 15/50 had a four-speed floor-change transmission. The column-change was fitted to the identically-bodied Wolseley 4/44. The 2-pedal "Manumatic"
transmission was only offered for a short time during the 15/50s production run an option also available on other Nuffeild saloons. The 15/50 was certainly a good looking four door saloon and came with all of the usual Wolseley trimmings. Production ended in 1958 with the arrival of the new Farina 15/60.  Practical Classics November 2009 - Featuring Buyers Guide Wolseley 4/44 & 15/50.  Click Here to view in our shop.

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1489ccS4 OHVBMC B-Series73.025mm x 89mm


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
78 mph29.8 s0 s29 mpg0 bhp 0

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