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Wolseley 18/85 Series III


Produced: 1938-1948, 8213 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats
Wolseley 18 85 Series III 1946

Originally launched in 1938 the 18/85 remained in production until 1948, in this time the car became famous for its role as a Police car, as can be seen in many old black and white movies of the period. The 18/85 had a powerful 85bhp six cylinder engine, developed from the MG SA, ideal for hauling a car load of bobbies and their heavy radio equipment!

The 18/85 invariably came finished in black and featured the unique Wolseley "Nightpass" lights, which provided a curious anti-dazzle, dipped headlamp/driving lamp arrangement. Interiors were well appointed and the cars were well equipped for the time.

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2322ccS6 OHV

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